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    Slip Sheet

  • The slip sheet is used as a pallet support device in vehicle delivery and transportation of products. When slip sheets are supported by a pallet board, flat load carrying surface, or a cart or fork lift truck, the structural strength of the slip sheet supports the product load's weight.
  • Find out more at PLL Packaging (Peninsular Malaysia)

    Paper Pallet

  • Simply put, corrugated pallets, also known as paper pallets, are pallets made from paper board sheets, corrugated material and other reinforced paper goods, rather than wood.

    Heavy Duty Box

  • Heavy-duty cardboard shipping boxes provide extra protection and allow for boxes to be safely stacked on top of one another. Heavy-duty boxes are ideal when shipping heavy products or consolidating multiple smaller packages into one box.
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    Trio Packaging
    (Singapore) / PLL Packaging (Peninsular Malaysia)